Training & Facilitation

I create and deliver workshops for a wide variety of participants and contexts as both a freelancer and within other roles (in English and German, face-to-face and online). Clients I have been privileged to work with include NGOs, universities, social services and government agencies. 

The objectives, format and approach are usually developed in consultation with clients, while the actual content, design, methods and materials are usually developed independently, in some cases in collaboration with a co-trainer. Workshops can range from an hour or two through to a full week. I strive to ensure that the participants not only understand the topic and issues but can apply them to their own practice.

I also facilitate and/or design events and meetings both large and small, ensuring that everyone can participate fully and the aims of the organisers are achieved.

Examples of workshops/training

  • Workshop on diversity data and monitoring for the Working Group on Gender and Diversity, Wissenschaftsverbundes Bodensee, Germany. 2023 
  • Workshops on strategic development for Kiel University (CAU), Germany. 2023
  • Workshop on intersectional approaches to gender equity at the annual conference of university gender equity officers (bukof), Germany. 2022
  • Workshops on diversity and gender equity for managers at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. 2021 & 2023
  • Workshop on gender equity in language. Berlin, Germany. 2019
  • Workshop on intersectionality at the Network Meeting “Refugees Welcome”. Göttingen, Germany. 2017
  • Workshop on leadership and diversity for the leadership programme of the Centre for Community Welfare Training. Sydney, Australia. 2012
  • Workshop on intersectionality and intercultural interaction “Doing Diversity within Sexuality, Sex and Gender Diversity” at the Asia Pacific Outgames Human Rights Conference. Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. 2011
  • Workshop on intercultural suicide prevention at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Association of Suicide Prevention (with Nicholas Procter, Rita Prasad-Ildes & Travis Shorey). Brisbane, Australia.  2010 
  • Workshop on building inclusive health services at the National Men’s Health Conference. Newcastle, Australia. 2009
  • Workshop on how community activists can influence policy at ‘Agender 08’, the National Transgender Conference (with Sue Russ). Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand. 2008 
  • Diversity Training for a Wendo Self-defence Trainers’ Collective. Bremen, Germany. 2006
  • Diversity Training for the Project Management Group of the European Union Equal Gendermainstreaming Project “Berlin DiverCity”. Berlin, Germany. 2005.
  • Strategic Planning Workshop on intercultural competence in counselling young migrants at the conference “Migration + Conflicts = Violence?!” Clients: Lower Saxony State Office for Youth Protection and Catholic Youth Social Work Office for North Germany. Hannover. 2005
  • Conversation Café for lesbians as the final event in the programme “Lesbians: Normalities-Diversity: Interculturality, Migration, sexual Identities”. Clients: State Working Group on Lesbians in Nordrheinwestfalen, RUBICON Centre for Lesbians and Gays, Self-defence Trainers’ Collective, Iranian-German Women’s Group, ‘Anyway’ Youth Centre. Cologne, Germany. 2004.
  • Workshop on intercultural competence in work with lesbian and bisexual girls and young women for the National Working Group on Policy Relating to Girls. Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 2004
  • Workshop “Die Diversität von Differenz- und Machtlinien. Erkundungen und Reflexionen” (with Paul Mecheril). Campus, Studienwerk Heinrich Böll Foundation, Bad Bevensen 2004
  • Member of Trainer Team in the international European Union Project “Diversity and Anti-Discrimination in Action”, delivering diversity training to employees of the Health and Social Services Dept., Berlin City Administration. 2003-2004
  • Workshop on defining standards of quality for intercultural work for the Berlin Alliance of Women’s Refuges. Berlin, Germany. 2004

Examples of freelance facilitation

  • Overall facilitation of the week long courses “Advanced Human Resources Management” and “HR Foundations” for international field staff, Médecins Sans Frontières, Operational Center Amsterdam, Netherlands.  2016-2018
  • Working group facilitation at the Network Meeting “Democracy. Diversity. Respect” Program to prevent right wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism (Berlin State Office for Equal Treatment and Against Discrimination), Berlin, Germany. 2015 & 2016
  • Design and facilitation of an ‘Open Space’ Conference on intercultural work. Client: Stromstörung Institute for Perspectives on Educational Work in Migrant Society. Schneverdingen, Germany. 2003.
  • Design and facilitation of the Conference “Intercultural Opening of Berlin Women’s and Girls Centres” (with Eren Ünsal). Funders: Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Turkish Association of Berlin-Brandenburg. Berlin, Germany. 2003



last modified, October 2022