Selected examples of presentations, key notes, etc.:

  • “Diversity Monitoring” [in German]. Presentation to the Expert Workshop on Diversity Data Collection, Goethe University Frankfurt Main. 24th Feb. 2023
  • “Intersectional Approaches to Gender Equity” [in German]. Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences. 14th Dec. 2022
  • “Diversity and Anti-Discrimination in Universities” [in German]. Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg, Germany. 23rd Sept. 2020
  • “Powersharing: Thinking and sharing power intersectionally” [in German]. Keynote & panel discussion Conference “Critical Whiteness, Powersharing and Empowerment in Youth Social Work”. Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Jugendsozialarbeit NRW mit Technology Arts Sciences TH Köln & LVR-Landesjugendamt. Cologne, Germany. 8th Nov. 2019
  • “Empowerment and Powersharing” [in German]. Presentation in the Panel “Feminist Perspectives on Empowerment and Powersharing in Theorie und Praxis” beim Fachforum “Social Work, Empowerment & Collective Organising” Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany. 7th April 2018
  • “Power and Participation: taking multidimensional identity into account” Colour of Youth: Embracing Diversity Conference, Melbourne, Australia. 21st Feb. 2014
  • “A new federal landscape: impressions, questions and priorities’  Keynote. Netfest South Australian Youth Sector Conference, Adelaide, Australia. 7th Feb. 2014
  • “Voices from the Multicultural Margins: Speaking from the Intersections of Sexuality, Sex and Gender Diversity and Ethnic and Cultural Diversity”, Presentation and panel, Health in Difference Conference, Melbourne, Australia. 20th April 2013
  • “Interagency Learning – Empowering Champions” NSW Child Protection and Wellbeing Interagency Conference, Sydney, Australia. 30th Nov. 2011
  • “Peak Bodies and Politics”, Asia Pacific Outgames Human Rights Conference, Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. 18th March 2011
  • “Gender+?=??” International Symposium Advancing Gender+Training in Theory and Practice, Centro de Estudios de Gestión, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. 4th Feb. 2011
  • “LGBTI Inclusive Suicide Prevention” Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Association of Suicide Prevention, Brisbane, Australia. 19th Nov. 2010
  • “LGBTI Mental Health: Problems and Responses”, Keynote. National GLBT Mental Health Roundtable, Melbourne, Australia. 17th Dec. 2009
  • “Inclusive Practice. Practicing the Inclusion we Preach”,  Involve 08: Relate, National Youth Work Conference, Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand. 4th July 2008
  • “Key issues in sexual orientation and gender identity research”, Otago University Sexual Health Research Symposium, Dunedin, Aotearoa/New Zealand. 7th Dec. 2006
  • Statement in response to a präsentation on “The problem of representation in theories of multiculturalism” [in German]. Conference “On Being able to Socially Address the Intercultural”, Faculty of Education, University of Bielefeld in collaboration with the Information and Documentation Centre for Antiracism. Bonn, Germany. 15th Oct. 2005
  • “Empowerment between Being Queer and Being a Migrant” [in German] Conference “Multiple Identity as Burden or Opportunity?”. Anti-Discrimination Network Berlin in collaboration with Gays & Lesbians from Turkey and LesMigraS. Berlin, Germany 2nd Dec. 2004 
  • “Diversity: a brief disorientation guide” [in German] with Paul Mecheril. Campus, Studienwerk of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Bad Bevensen, Germany. 2nd Aug. 2004
  • “Unpacking Diversity Training” European Conference on Educational Research, Hamburg, Germany. 15th Sept. 2003
  • “Diversity Training: Theorized Intersectionality in Anti-discrimination Practice?” Theorising Intersectionality Conference. AHRB Research Centre, Keele University, UK. 22nd May 2003
  • “Migration: The Potential Of and In Crisis for Marginalized Women” [in German] Keynote and panel. Congress “Crisis as an Opportunity” 20 Jahre Frauenkrisentelefon. Berlin, Germany. 2nd July 2002
  • “Stumbling blocks in intercultural collaboration” [in German]. Public lecture as part of series of events on racism and intercultural approaches in feminist work. Bremen, Germany. Nov. 2000



last modified, September 2020